About Us

Who is Rosella?

Inspiration of Business

On April 20, 2017 an admirable member of the Yost family passed away. Her name was Bellene "Billie" Rosella Yost. She was the foundation of our family's bond and memories. Upon her passing, and in honor of her caring and selfless character, was the creation Rosella's Radiance. 

What does "all-natural skincare" actually mean?

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At Rosella's Radiance, we take absolute pride in our all-natural products. All-natural beauty means that we do not use any unnecessary ingredients in our products that could potentially cause harm to the consumer. We are passionate about our skincare products being free of harmful dyes, fragrances, and additives.

Why choose Rosella's Radiance?

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By supporting this business, you are supporting the dreams of a young entrepreneur, working hard to assure 100% customer satisfaction at all times! Unlike many other organizations in the beauty industry, we value YOU the customer! We listen to your considerations and recommendations, and we are open to improving the all-natural beauty products we provide to you should you be dissatisfied. If you are ever displeased, we will be sure to do what we can to make it right! It's a win-win situation! 

About The Owner

I grew up with my parents telling me, "the best kind of work you can do, is the work you do for yourself."

My name is Claudia. I am an eighteen year old college student. I decided to continue the Yost family's tradition by creating a skincare business in tribute to my late and great grandmother, Bellene.  My Nanny and I share middle names, Rosella, so I thought what better name for my small business than naming it after my Nanny's legacy!

Why Skincare?

Due to my sensitive skin, I have struggled finding perfect skin care pretty much my whole life. The ingredient lists on traditional skin care were far too long, and half of the ingredients I couldn't even pronounce! I knew there had to be better options.

I took a particular interest in all-natural beauty products, perfect for all skin types because I am passionate about my personal health, and spreading healthy lifestyles to others. This is why I create my products using all-natural ingredients, free from harmful dyes, preservatives, chemicals, and heavy fragrances.