Rosella's Radiance Ambassador

Welcome to rosella's radiance ambassador program!

We're excited to announce...

Rosella's Radiance's Ambassador Program!  After plenty of hard work trying to build up our brand, and perfect the recipes to create outstanding products, we have now decided to introduce the next step to brand expansion! You could be the perfect fit to receive all of Rosella's Radiance's perks!

We need YOU! When you join Rosella's Radiance's ambassador program, you will receive special perks such as social media exposure and shout outs, personal ties with the owner of Rosella's Radiance, FREE goodies such as Bath Sprinkle, Bath Bombs, Moisturizers, Scrubs, and so much more! You will get exclusive access to never-before-seen products before they debut, and chances to give them a try before they release onto the menu! 

Your voice matters! We aim to have the most personal, fun experience with our brand ambassadors, so any feedback or opinions will always be considered. Being apart of our program will not only allow you special perks to our products, but you will also be consulted when new products are brainstormed! That means you will have a chance to share your opinions with the products we create! 

How do I apply?

The resumè application process is simple. You will read through our short one-page Contract, and then fill out the Google Forum with your information. Please, we ask all answers provided are honest, legitimate, and thoughtful. The process shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Don't forget to have fun with this application process! We love personality and want this to be a fun experience for you as it will lead to incredible things!

As always, if you see an error or have a difficult time viewing anything, please reach out so we can resolve the issue right away!