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Event Services

We are happy to announce that we will be providing a BRAND NEW service with the expansion of our business, and to become a little more personal with YOU, the customer! We are happy to share that we are now offering event bundles, such as party favor packages for any special occasion you have! We know, throwing parties with a large number of guests can be difficult to plan, and is a stressful time for anyone! Let us take some of the stress away by allowing us to create the party favors we know you and your guests will love! Whether it be Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, Quinceañeras, we do it all!

The Specifics...

Depending on your bundle of choice, prices may vary. We are offering three different sizes of beauty bundles for your party! Each bundle has a minimum of ten per order, and with each bundle, we happily design personalized tags and stickers just for your event! The larger bundles you buy, the bigger discount you receive!

How does it work?

This is where we establish effective communication. When we receive your inquiry,  we get in touch with you to learn what party you will be hosting, along with the themes and colors you wish to have. With that, we create unique designs for the tags on our products, and package them in the bundles of your choice! Our guarantee to you is that we will always reach out to you for your approval on the final design before printing and labeling your products for your fellow attendees. 

The "Mini Beauty Bundles"

Our Mini Beauty Bundles are so perfectly elegant, made to be personalized just for you! Our Mini bundles include: 1 Roll-On, one 1 oz. Moisturizer, 1 Lip Balm, a Rosella's Radiance personalized sticker that fits your event, as well as personalized tags as mentioned above for each product! All of these products are packaged with care and sealed in a small sheer, sachet bag. The possibilities are endless when we design the labels, and we want you to be 100% satisfied so you can provide the best event possible for your audience! Our Mini bundle is most popular for large audiences, such as weddings and large birthday parties!

The "Not-So-Big Beauty Bundles"

Our Not-So-Big Bundles are an upgrade from the Mini Beauty Bundles, as the products come in a small cupcake box instead of a sheer sachet bag. Inside holds, a 4 oz. Candle, a 1 oz. Moisturizer, a Lip Balm, a Roll-On, and two tiny samples, hand-chosen from our team! Of course, the item labels will be custom designed in accordance to the theme of your party just like the mini bundles, as well as a personalized party sticker to remember the amazing day! Our bundles will be the talk of your party, and you can just relax knowing you're basically the coolest host...ever...

The "Lavishing Beauty Bundles"

Our Lavishing Bundles are both the largest and most luxurious bundles we offer! These bundles include an 8 oz. candle, a 4 oz. Moisturizer, a 4 oz. Scrub, a Bath Bomb, a Roll-On, and a Lip Balm. Of course, with these bundles we will also throw in 3-4 FREE samples for your guests to enjoy, as well as a personalized sticker, a business card, and personalized labels for every products! We invest our time and energy to make your party complete and memorable for all your guests!